Women's prision in Chorrillos

This program works for the social and professional reintegration into society of inmates of a women's prision in Peru.

We belive in fair trade and offer optimal working conditions to all suppliers in our retail chain.

Ucallayi- seamstresses of the NPO Aider Peru.

Ucallayi is a traditional Amazonian village. Their artistic designs are unique and descended from the indigenous people.  

Inabif (Government Housing for Young Mothers)

Inabif is a state- supported project in PerĂº, which offers safe accommodation to women in vulnerable situations (poverty and/or violence).

In this project, we offer 14 young mothers a workshop as tailors embroiderers and coaches. 

A t-shirt, a tree with the NPO Aider Peru

For the purchase of a t-shirt we plant a tree in the Tambopata National Reserve. The NPO Aider PerĂº, which has been in existence for over 33 years, is involved in the reforestation and development of indigenous communities living in the forests of the Ucayali and Madre de Dios National Reserve.